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March Students of the Month

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 03/25/2013 - 15:57
Sabrina Warren
Jake Dixon
Maddie Upchurch
Spencer Monroe
Ailien Luu
Mick Christopherson

MMHS is proud to announce the March students of the month! 

In five years, sophomore Sabrina Warren sees herself at college as a returned LDS missionary. Her favorite subject is probably choir because she can sing with her friends in choir.

Her favorite quote is “Triumph is just a little try. Plus a little umph!” One thing that makes Sabrina different than everyone else is that she likes to give 110% in everything she does.

Sabrina’s hobbies are playing softball, singing in choir, watching movies, and hanging with her friends. She would like to meet Gordon B. Hinckley and ask him for any advice he could give her right now. 

Sophomore Jake Dixon sees himself returning from an LDS mission and going college in five years. His favorite subject in advanced conditioning because he can work out and play the sports he loves.

His favorite quote is “What hurts more? The pain of hard work or the pain of reject?” One thing that makes him different from everyone else is that he is a hard worker, left-handed, and a nice kid.

Jake’s favorite hobbies basketball, football, playing the guitar, and hunting. If he could have a conversation with anyone in history, he would like to talk with Michael Jordan to learn how to become a better basketball player. 

In five years, junior Maddie Upchurch sees herself happy by serving God and in college studying for her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Her favorite subject in school is PE because she thinks it’s a good excuse to get extra exercise.

Her favorite quote is “Don’t wish for it if you can work for it.” She likes that quote because when she catches herself wishing for something she doesn’t have, it motivates her to give her all to get it. One thing that makes Maddie different from everyone else is that she has a determination to plan and prepare for her future.

Maddie’s hobbies include spending time with family or friends, helping people, singing, and karate. One of the funniest experiences for Maddie was when her family was camping in Idaho. She had melted marshmallows all over her hands, and her pants were falling down so she asked her 3 year old brother to help her pull her pants up. He pulled them down instead, and everyone was in tears from laughing so hard.

Junior Spencer Monroe sees himself returning from a mission and being very rich five years from now. Advanced Conditioning is his favorite class because he gets to play sports. One of the funniest things that happened Spencer was when he accidentally elbowed Coach Averett in the face while playing basketball.

 His favorite quote is, “What hurts more? The pain of hard work or the pain of regret?” One thing that makes Spencer different from everyone else is that he writes left-handed but does everything else with his right hand.

Spencer’s favorite hobbies include ping-pong, sports, wake boarding, and riding motorcycles. If he could have a conversation with anyone in history, Spencer would talk with Michael Jordan to ask him how to become a better player.

Senior Ailien Luu sees herself graduated from the U with a bachelor’s degree and attending graduate school to go into the medical field. Her favorite subject in school is math because she’s good at it, and it is like a puzzle to her. It makes the most sense to her out of all the subjects.

“The meaning of life is to give life meaning,” is Ailien’s favorite quote because it made her realize that reaching her goals and living life to the fullest are very important. One thing that makes her different from everyone else is that she can speak fluent Vietnamese and has had lots of experience training for non-English speaking.

Ailien’s favorite hobbies are playing tennis, listening to music, and running.

 She would like to have a conversation with Elizabeth Blackwell and would ask her what her motivation and inspiration to become the first female physician was.

In five years, senior Mick Christopherson sees himself making the world a better place either from welding or doing magic shows. His favorite quote is, “All great magicians see through reality and into the imagination. Then they bring that to reality.” –Ben Pearce. A few things that make Mick different than everyone else is his personality, that he does magic, and that some people say he is tall.

His enjoys all subjects in school because he likes learning different things. Some of Mick’s hobbies are magic, fixing things, and making people laugh. The funniest thing that happened to him was when he had a blow dart stuck in the roof of his mouth.