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Internships pave the way for a fun and rewarding career

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 04/19/2010 - 13:34
By: William Shelton, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe
Halie Bingham -- Maple Mountain Internship Program

If you patron Art City Dental for your dental care, you may have seen a high school student aiding dentists in their work. This student is Halie Bingham, an intern from Maple Mountain High School, who is training for the position of dental hygienist.   As an intern, Halie helps set up appointments, sterilize dental equipment, and even assist the doctor.
Halie has been interested in dental hygienist since eighth grade. She enjoys the working environment of the dentist office and how she is able to help others with their dental problems. Halie has grown even more interested in pursuing a career in dental hygiene after a semester internship in the dental office. She has enjoyed the experience, saying “It was the coolest experience ever.” Halie highly recommends other students do an internship in a career they are interested in.
When Halie graduates from high school, she plans on attending either the University of Utah or Brigham Young University where she plans on she plans on continuing her education in dental hygiene.