Drivers Education



All dates and times are tentative, please be understanding.  There is not a “perfect” schedule that works for everyone.  There are always unforeseen circumstances, such as weather related factors and other conflicts that make it difficult to plan very far in advance, and in some cases necessitate changing a few dates.  The state and school district have also set guidelines that must be followed.  Students must be enrolled at MMHS.  Landmark and UCAS students who live in the MMHS boundaries may also take Driver Education at MMHS.  Try to pick a month that is conflict free for your schedule.  It is very difficult to participate in a sport, band, or early morning seminary and take driver education at the same time.  We can only drive on the range after school and that will conflict with your other practices.

Our first class will be a parent night.  Students are required to attend and bring at least one parent.  After that, during the school year, classes will start at 6:00 each morning and will only be held on regular school days.  Classes will run for 16 days, 1.5 hours each day.  Outside classroom assignments will make up the rest of the required 27 hours of classroom time.  Students can only miss two classes (3 hours) during the school year before they will have to retake the class and repay the $100.00 fee.

Range driving will begin on the Monday of the 2nd week, with individual driving following completion of the range driving.    Range driving will take 12 hours, two hours per day for six days.  Range driving times are not flexible and you cannot miss range driving.  Individual road driving will follow completion of the range driving.  We will try to have all individual road driving finished within a 4-6 week period.  All of the range driving and most of the road driving during the school year will be done after school.

During the summer, classes will start at 7:00 each morning.  Classes will run for 10 days, 3 hours each day.   Range and road driving will be throughout the day.  Students can only miss one class (3 hours) during the summer before they will have to retake the class and repay the $100.00 fee.

Students who have completed the online class and only need to complete range and road driving, will be assessed a fee of $81.00.  You must complete the online class (100% complete) before you can drive.  There are no exceptions.  Please don’t sign up for range and road driving if you will not have the online class completed.  You will then be placed on a waiting list to complete your driving.  Priority will be given to those students enrolled in a driver education class.  You may have to wait several weeks or months to complete your driving.  The online class must be completed before you can begin range/road driving.

 With that in mind, the following dates and times have been set for Driver Education classes at MMHS:

 Winter/Spring 2015 - 2016

 February 10 – March 3. Parent meeting on February 10th at 7:00 PM in the MMHS auditorium.  Range driving will begin on February 16th.

 March 10 – April 1.  Parent meeting on March 10th at 7:00 PM in the MMHS auditorium.  Range driving will begin about March 16th.

 April 21 – May 13.  Parent meeting on April 21st at 7:00 PM in the MMHS auditorium.  Range driving will begin about May 2nd.

Summer dates will be posted on February 23rd..  Summer dates fill up fast, so sign up as soon as you can after they are posted.

All students must have a valid learner permit and classroom fees, $100.00, paid when signing up for the class.

You must sign up for a class at the MMHS finance office during regular school hours.  Online payment does NOT sign you up for a class.  If you have any questions, e-mail the Driver Education Coordinator at

You can also go to the school’s website: , look under “Quick Links” - “ Driver Education” for additional information.