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New NCAA Regulations for those graduation 2016 and after.

As you may already know, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has increased the eligibility requirements for those students that will begin college in August of 2016 and thereafter. In other words, these increased standards affect current high school sophomores who will graduate in the spring of 2016 and enter college that fall.


The most important changes for eligibility standards are:

  • Student-athletes must earn at least a 2.3 grade-point average in the required core courses and achieve a minimum standardized test score (ACT/SAT) according to the NCAA Initial Eligibility sliding scale.
  • At least 10 of the required 16 core courses must be earned prior to the start of their senior year. Seven of those must be completed in English, math or science courses.


The NCAA Division I Board of Directors approved the enhancements to the academic standards for incoming freshmen who wish to participate in Division I athletics with the intent “… to ensure that all student-athletes who come to NCAA campuses are academically prepared for the rigors of a college classroom. Collectively, the focus is aimed at enabling student-athlete success on the field, in the classroom and in life.”