Maple Mountain Boy’s and Girls’ Cross Country Do Well at Nebo Invite

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 11:20
The Nebo Invite was held at Maple Mountain High School on September 25, 2009, at three o’clock. The race was three miles instead of the average 3.1. Twenty teams from all across Utah competed in the event, many of which were seasoned competitors. Despite the overwhelming size and skill of many of the participants present, Maple Mountain Cross Country boys and girls showed their strength. Girls’ Varsity took third overall while the Boy’s Varsity took a respectable fifth place finish. A freshman, Rachel Warnick, was privileged to help bring her team to a third place finish.
By William Shelton, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe

Lady Golden Eagles Soccer Pull Out a Close Win against Uintah

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On Tuesday, September 22, the MMHS Lady Golden Eagles soccer team defeated the Uintah Utes, 1-0. The game was intense with the Golden Eagles edging out a win. The winning goal was scored in the last three minutes of the game. After 25 shots, eight corner kicks, and two penalty kicks, the goal finally came. Jessica Blackett, the only senior on the team, scored the only goal after Baylee Nielson, sophomore, fought for the ball and took a shot. The ball then ricocheted off the Uintah keeper. Jessica Blackett ran in to score on the fallen goalie for the goal.
by Katie Card, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe

Spiking Up a New Year

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Amber Hall is Maple Mountain’s new Volleyball coach. Serving a ball and a team for thirteen years, she played in the Junior Olympics when she was a senior in high school. While she was a player, she was injured and had two wrist surgeries. After her surgeries, she coached in Idaho, then at Timpview High while she attended Brigham Young University. Amber also coached at Payson High school before coming to Maple Mountain to start new traditions in volleyball.
by Shalice Henrie and Crystal Murray, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe

Red Devil to Golden Eagle

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Busy in the front office is the life of the secretaries including Janine Smith; who, when asked to be interviewed by the newspaper staff, was occupied because of her continual work. Assistant Front Office Secretary Janine Smith was born and raised in Washington where she graduated from high school, then left to attend BYU, and now resides in Utah. Reading is Janine’s passion and she is currently reading Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. Married and a proud parent of three children, Mrs. Smith is excited to shortly become a first time grandparent. She loves to hike, bike, sew, and quilt.
by Terence Wride and Nick Taylor, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe

Salem Hills dictates homecoming game

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The Salem Hills Skyhawks scored their first touchdown three minutes into the game last Friday evening, September 19. The same feat took the Maple Mountain Golden Eagles twice as long, landing their first, and only, touchdown at six minutes into the first quarter. The touchdown for the Golden Eagles was scored by a pass from Jace Edmunds to Greg Waite; however, the extra point kick was not good. Despite the effort made, the Skyhawks had the game by half time with a 32 point lead over Maple Mountain. The second half started out rough for Maple Mountain.
By Jessika Hilton, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe