New Member of Science Department has a Motivating Story

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Daniel Dewey, Maple Mountain High School’s new Physics and Chemistry teacher, is a regular Einstein.  He’s an inventor, teacher, Science Fiction writer, robotics advisor, husband, father, and a man who prefers Wookies over Klingons; Dewey is an exceptional person.  Married to his wife Lauren, with two children, one of his favorite pastimes is to play Legos with his children and take family tricycle rides on a multi-passenger trike he built himself.  His love for inventing has led to many creations, often made with regular everyday objects that most of us would throw away.

by Nathan Foutz and Ben Besendorfer, MMHS Staff Writers

The Art of Sculpting Students

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“I like to sneak up on my students and see if they’re working,” tells Mr. Brandon Barrett, new Art Teacher at Maple Mountain High.

This fun loving sarcasm and sense of humor are just a few qualities of our new art teacher. Before teaching, Mr. Barrett worked in a snowboard factory, where he constructed snowboards, long boards, and skateboards.  In his youth, he had a friend that was playing with a bat; and, when he came down the stars, his friend swung it at his head.  He was lucky to survive; ended up with fourteen screws and six plates in his head.  

by Justin Thorn and Olin Andersen, MMHS Staff Writers

The Future is in Her Hands

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Our new Maple Mountain High debate and FFA (Future Farmers of America) advisor, Ms. Kaylee Liddiard, is a first year teacher. Before arriving at Maple Mountain High School, Liddiard was a student teacher at Lehi High School. When asked what has been her most rewarding teaching experience, she said, “Seeing students find something they love and going through with it.”

The most unusual job she had was producing “fake steak” in college. She thoroughly enjoys entering livestock into FFA competitions. Her vision for our school is for everyone to understand FFA and agriculture.

By Micala Pearson and Jamie Gashler, MMHS Staff Writers

New Seminary Teacher at Maple Mountain

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Brother Andy Skelton is the new Seminary teacher here at Maple Mountain High school. He has been teaching for the past ten years and was most recently at Payson High School.  Previously he taught at Skyline, Evergreen Jr. High, Provo High, Payson Jr. High, and Timpview.   Andy and Laura Skelton have been married for over 13 years and have four great boys ages 5 to 13.

By: Deanna Barton and Kaylie Smith, MMHS Staff Writers

Better than Expected

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On Monday, August 22, the Maple Mountain boys golf team had one of their best tournaments at Gladston Golf Course in Payson.

In the end, the team pulled ahead by 15 shots, ranking the team 4th in the tournament.  Many of the teammates showed improvement in their performance. 

“The team did better than expected,” Coach Averett explained. “The team is working hard, doing well, and having fun.”

By Jake Harding and Brittany Eckhart, MMHS Staff Writers

MMHS Sophomore Football Wins!

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On August 26 the Maple Mountain sophomore football team beat Westlake Thunder 23-18 at home.   The Golden Eagles played strong, especially Kayden Miner and Mike Matteis; Matteis had a five yard touchdown run.  Miner also had a touchdown that day; a 25 yard catch to seal the win for the Golden Eagles.

“I always try to play my heart out every game, no matter what the score is,” explained Miner.

By Karina Segura and Tony Priego, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe