Golden Eagle runners do well at Murray Invitational

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Maple Mountain runners exploded onto the Murray Invitational course last Friday.  The Golden Eagles did exceptionally well dazzling the other 61 schools that were competing. For many runners this was the biggest race of their lives, in a literal sense.  Battling against schools like Davis and Pine View, Varsity boys pulled off an 8th overall win while Varsity girls placed 12th.

By Olin Anderson and Justin Thorn, MMHS Staff Writers

Stomp the House

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Although few in numbers on Friday, September 10, Maple Mountain students who attended the after the game stomp dance had a blast celebrating a game well fought.  Almost everyone was singing along to the song, “Baby,” by Justin Bieber.  When a slow song played, those who didn’t have partners created a big circle in their group of friends and swayed to the music.

By Jamie Gashler and Micala Pearson, MMHS Staff Writers

Maple Mountain Football Team Come Close to First Win

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There were many ups and downs during last Friday’s football game against North Sanpete. The team was pretty confident that it would be their first win. During the first half of the game, North Sanpete pulled ahead with a score of 7-21. North Sanpete was expecting an easy win, but Maple Mountain put up a tough fight in the second half.

By: Jamie Farley, Kinsey Williams, and Kalin Wall

Golden Eagle Girls Tennis Win Again!

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Photos by Tony Priego

On Thursday September 9, The Maple Mountain Girls tennis team, once again, won 5-0!  The Lady Golden Eagles matched off with their rivals Spanish Fork.   As to date, the Maple Mountain Girls Tennis team has dominated every match they have played and are poised to take the region championship.

By Nick Taylor, Evan Huffman MMHS Staff Writers

4A Golden Eagles battle Hunter’s 5A Wolverines

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On September 8, the Golden Eagles Girls volleyball team set-up a competitive match against Hunter.  Although it was a loss, 3-0, in favor of the Wolverines, the enthusiasm of the Maple Mountain team filled the court.  Both teams played great, and the effort was outstanding.  All the girls showed their talent while battling for victory.   Hunter’s 5A experience was clear, but the Lady Golden Eagles were able to keep all three games close and forced the Wolverines to work for the win.

by Evan Huffman and Nick H. Taylor, MMHS Staff Writers