“Frosh” Girls team places first in BYU Autumn Classic

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 09/16/2010 - 15:41

On Saturday, September 4, our Maple Mountain cross country team competed at the BYU Autumn Classic invitation.  In the Frosh Girls race, Maple Mountain’s Rachel Warnick and Bridgette Harris placed first and second, respectively, with many other Golden Eagle runners placing in the top 30; including, Olivia Garrido, Brynn Heckel, Bria Heckel, and Jensen Williams.


MMHS 2nd Annual Senior Sunrise

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On Friday, September 10, Golden Eagle seniors woke up bright and early to see the sunrise with their classmates.  As everyone grabbed donuts and hot chocolate, the socializing with friends began.  From all directions, lights flash as everyone is taking pictures to remember this celebrated moment. 

“The best part was that all the seniors got on the tennis courts and huddled together and enjoyed each other’s company,” said Senior Rachel Staheli.

by Kaylie Smith and Deanna Barton, MMHS Staff Writers

Green Players are Golden

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Last week on August 30, Maple Mountain Varsity Golf team teed up against all region teams and placed 4th in the tournament and 4th overall. All region teams play every golf match. On Wednesday, September 8, the Golden Eagles JV team placed 2nd, currently driving them into 1st place overall.  

“We have a lot of good young talent; some of our best players are freshmen and sophomores,” Coach Averett, Golf Head Coach, exclaims.

By Aimee Vargas and Cameron Spilker, MMHS Staff Writers

Lady Golden Eagles Ace Uintah

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photo by Nick Taylor

Our Maple Mountain Golden Eagles girls tennis team beat the Uintah Utes last Thursday, August 26. The varsity won all their matches 5-0.  First Singles, Calley Bankhead beat her opponent 6-0, 6-1 in a quick match.  Second singles, Spencer Rose won her match 6-1, 6-1.  Rounding out our singles play, Mckell James soared through her match with a great 6-2, 6-0 W.

By Nick Taylor and Evan Huffman, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe

Maple Mountain Volleyball Team Fights Hard

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photos by Kalin Wall

On August 26, our very own Maple Mountain Volleyball team played an intense game against Timpview. Lady Golden Eagles were ecstatic and excited after winning their junior varsity game.  However, the varsity team had a close loss. After winning the first round, they lost the next two.  They came back for the fourth round, but couldn’t hang on for the last game.

Senior Nicole Killian commented, “It was a good game and a great learning experience. It prepared us for upcoming region games.”

by Kalin Wall and Kinsey Williams, MMHS Staff Writers

New Member of Science Department has a Motivating Story

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Daniel Dewey, Maple Mountain High School’s new Physics and Chemistry teacher, is a regular Einstein.  He’s an inventor, teacher, Science Fiction writer, robotics advisor, husband, father, and a man who prefers Wookies over Klingons; Dewey is an exceptional person.  Married to his wife Lauren, with two children, one of his favorite pastimes is to play Legos with his children and take family tricycle rides on a multi-passenger trike he built himself.  His love for inventing has led to many creations, often made with regular everyday objects that most of us would throw away.

by Nathan Foutz and Ben Besendorfer, MMHS Staff Writers