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SkillsUSA State Medalists

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Maple Mountain's SkillUSA competitors had a big night at the state competition April 1. The medalists are:
Haydon Cooper took 3rd in welding sculpture.
Soren Peterson took 3rd in photography.
Mahal Kauwe took 3rd in first aid/CPR.
Rachel Brown took 2nd in first aid/CPR.
Chase Farrer, Brian Mckell, & Austin Wagstaff won 1st place in their chapter display.
Tosh Davis, Ben Warnick, and Tyler Christmas won 1st place in welding fabrication (we are on a four year championship run in this contest).

Story and photos by Jared Massic.

Janna Allred has a Flourishing Baking Reputation

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Found at Herald Extra.

At age 17, Jannelyse Allred, of Mapleton, has a thriving business. She bakes eight varieties of bread for the Mapleton Farmers Market and has done so for a couple years. She has a food handler’s permit as well as a cottage kitchen permit.

Source: Herald Extra (


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Do you like to party? Do you enjoy food? Do you have school spirit? Then you best be hittin’ up our next Maple Mountain Tailgate Party!

 Our Maple Mountain Student Council, administration, and students have teamed up to bring you some genuine Golden Eagle fun! From music, face painting, and food, to couches, dancing, and piñatas, you can literally find everything you need and have an amazing time to prepare you for an awesome football game.

Story by Branson McKell and Brooks Robinson. Photo by Branson McKell.

Homecoming Game

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“We come out on the field. We come ready to play, and we all huddle up in the middle in the end zone. Alright! I go in the middle, and I say, ‘Let me hear my line!’ (yelling) ‘Let me hear my line!’ (yelling) ‘Let me hear that skill, man!’ (yelling) ‘I said let me hear that skill!’ (yelling) ‘Let me hear my eagles in the team scream!’ (screaming) ‘1-2-3 EAGLES!’ And that’s how we do it Maple Mountain.” -James Warren, Defensive Lineman

Story by Lys Sanders and Caroline Wilkins.