Wildlife Wednesday

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 09/23/2013 - 15:03

Bears, dogs, tigers, wolves, cats, goats, and sharks. You name it, Maple Mountain students have it.

“Wildlife Wednesday” has become a trendy fashion statement that students of Maple Mountain participate in every Wednesday; it’s basically just a T-shirt. The shirts can be found at any local store. You just look for a T-shirt with a giant animal face staring you down, and once you lay your eyes on the coolest, creepiest, weirdest shirt, you know you’ll have found that for which you’ve been looking. But there’s one question that everyone seems to be asking (especially the parents), “Why do we wear big T-shirts with animal faces on them?” Maybe the question we should be asking is, “Why not?”

When asked why Maddi Williamsen wears Wildlife Wednesday shirts, she explained, “I feel empowered like the spirit of the animal is within me. Swag.”

 Another student at Maple Mountain exclaimed, “It’s really funny. When do you walk around and see a kid wearing a massive goat face? Only on Wednesdays.”

There are some very faithful participants when it comes to Wednesday, with Cindy Smith being one of them. When walking into her Government class wearing a shirt with a lion with dreadlocks, a fellow student said, “Why are you wearing that? It’s awesome.” She replied, “Thanks! It’s Wildlife Wednesday of course.”

Wildlife Wednesday is quickly becoming more of a trend than an odd fashion statement. Even on social media networks students will post, “Wildlife Wednesday tomorrow! Can’t wait!” or, “Everyone dress up for Wildlife Wednesday tomorrow!” Because word spreads around fast, especially when using technology, more students are showing up with animal faces on their tee’s each week. It has now become what most students expect on Wednesdays. Some students don’t even know why they do it – unless you’re like Maddi Williamsen and need to feel your inner animal.

So why do Maple Mountain students wear Wildlife Wednesday shirts? It adds to the daily wardrobe, it’s different, and, let’s face it, it’s hilarious.

Story by Natalie Ockey. Photo by Kali Cook.