Homecoming Game

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 14:43

“We come out on the field. We come ready to play, and we all huddle up in the middle in the end zone. Alright! I go in the middle, and I say, ‘Let me hear my line!’ (yelling) ‘Let me hear my line!’ (yelling) ‘Let me hear that skill, man!’ (yelling) ‘I said let me hear that skill!’ (yelling) ‘Let me hear my eagles in the team scream!’ (screaming) ‘1-2-3 EAGLES!’ And that’s how we do it Maple Mountain.” -James Warren, Defensive Lineman

This is how our Golden Eagle Football Team started the spirited Homecoming Game against Pleasant Grove High School on Friday the 13th of September. The students of Maple Mountain, clad in maroon and gold, kicked off the game early with a tailgate party put on by the student council. With the students high in energy, full of spirit, and kick off approaching, the stands began to fill with friends, families, members of the faculty, and last but certainly not least, our killer student section. 

Unfortunately, we lost the game 42-14, but our Golden Eagle football players still made us proud. The student section was very involved in the game and overflowed with school spirit. Kyla Silva and Maddi Williamsen said their favorite part of the game experience was the MMHS Elleve’s performance during the halftime show. Overall, the homecoming game experience set the mood of excitement felt by all those who attended the Homecoming Dance a day later.

Story by Lys Sanders and Caroline Wilkins.