Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Goldsberry

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 09/21/2020 - 08:26

Mrs. Goldsberry is the new sophomore English teacher. She  wanted to be a teacher since her junior and senior year of high school, where her amazing English teachers inspired and taught her how to think critically about the real world. The fond memories from her experience as a student droveher towards her passion of teaching and impacting the lives of kids just like similar to how she was impacted. She loves reading, writing, and in depth discussion. Now, a first year teacher at Maple Mountain, she can bring these ideas to the students in her classroom. 

So far, one of her favorite things as a teacher has been hearing and seeing her students share their writing. She’s motivated to help every student that comes through her room leave with a bigger appreciation for writing. She also loves to hear what students think about and what ideas they have, but like most teachers, she isn’t the biggest fan of grading.

To Mrs. Goldsberry, this year has been an extra strange year to start teaching. She feels as if masks provide a bit of a challenge, making it more difficult to connect with her students. She said, “It separates teachers and students because some people may not participate or talk as much, so when we’re outside or taking mask breaks it’s nice to see their full face.”

Story and photo by Oliver Stroud, Briana Wright, and Brynlee Larsen.