October Football

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his year our Football Team tied Wasatch for 1st in our region. Our varsity boys had a great season with a record of 7-2.  We interviewed a few of our Senior players; Derek Blanthorn, Brooks Maughan, and Ben Crockett, and asked them about their season and what went well.

Derek Blanthorn said the highlight of his season was beating our rivals, the Springville Red Devils, with a score of 29-15. This year Derek believes he has improved on lifting his teammates up and being supportive of them. His knowledge of football has grown along with his skill level on the field.  Some things he will miss most is being a part of the brotherhood, the fun times, and practices where they all push each other to be better.  His favorite part of being a part of the team was always knowing that everyone had each other’s backs. When you make mistakes they will help you get back up, be better, and play harder.  

Brooks Maughan said, “My mom wouldn’t let me play city league football in 6th grade because of how dangerous it is. One day at recess I was playing capture the flag and accidentally hit into a kid and he went flying to the ground. The next year my mom had signed me up for football because I was massive.” The best part of his season was beating all of our cross-town rivals, Salem, Spanish Fork, and Springville.  He loved the game-winning drive in the last moments of the Springville game.  This season he felt like he became a better leader and was able to help the younger players be the best that they could be.  A few things that he will miss the most include battling with his brothers, the brotherhood, and being pushed during practices.  

Ben Crockett says that a highlight from his season was the game against Springville that felt like it would never end because of all the back and forth.  Ben feels that he has improved on being less concerned about himself and his jobs, and has worked on focusing more on his teammates.  He will miss spending time with his teammates, and the games because that's what makes the season worth it.  We asked Ben what his favorite part of being a team is, he said, “ We all really care for each other, especially Bryson Mcquivey. We’re glad that we could play for him and do so much for him and his family.”

Story and photo by Jake Holmes, Brynlee Larsen, Oliver Stroud, and Briana Wright.