Nebo is Partnering with Tabitha’s Way

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Nebo is partnering with Tabitha’s Way for a new event called Read & Feed.

The purpose of this event is to encourage children to continue to read during the summer and to educate families facing food insecurity regarding food resources available to them and their children while they are not attending school. Our goal is to gather 10,000 gently used books that children can take home with them and keep to read during the summer.

During the month of April, we are encouraging families to donate gently used books that they no longer need and drop them off at the Tabitha’s Donation Bins at the following schools:

Springville Area:
Springville High
Springville Junior
Meadow Brook Elementary

Spanish Fork Area:
Spanish Fork Junior
Diamond Fork Junior 
Brockbank Elementary
Riverview Elementary
Sierra Bonita Elementary  

Salem Area:
Valley View Middle
Foothills Elementary

Payson Area:
Payson Junior High
Mt. Nebo Middle 

The children who come to the event will receive a tote bag and will be able to choose up to 10 books to read during the summer months. During the event, Tabitha’s Way will also hand out Summer Feeding Vouchers to guide families to utilize the free food resources at our pantry. Additionally, we will provide information regarding other ways and means to access free food assistance and reading programs, such as Feeding in the Park and city library reading programs within the Nebo School District.

Thank you for all your help in this worthy project. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Jan Gordan                                  Lillian Kump
Event Volunteer Coordinator       Community Development Coordinator
jan [dot] gordon [at] nebo [dot] edu                 lillian [at] tabithasway [dot] org
By Lana Hiskey