MMHS Takes 2nd Place at State Science Olympiad!

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 04/14/2014 - 14:23

Building on last year's excellent results, the MMHS Science Olympiad team proved themselves yet again with an impressive 2nd place performance at the University of Utah state competition. MMHS competed alongside 30 other high school from all across the state, getting edged out by only 8 points to the Utah County Science Club magnet school. Of the 25 different events, ranging from anatomy and entomology to astronomy and maglev, the Golden Eagles took home medals in half of their events. Congratulations team! You have brought some serious honor to our school!

The individual winners included:
Rachel Bybee and Tanner Henry for 1st place in Anatomy and Physiology
Rachel Bybee and Rebecca Bair for 1st place in Designer Genes
Rachel Bybee and Tanner Henry for 3rd place in Disease Detectives
John Baadsgaard and Tyler Mortensen for 1st place in Entomology
Sam Dallon for 1st place in Astronomy
Sam Dallon for 2nd place in Dynamic Planet
John Baadsgaard and Anya Nielson for 1st place in Rocks and Minerals
Sam Dallon and Tyler Mortensen for 2nd place in Materials Science
Robert Nay and Rebecca Bair for 3rd place in Forensics
Robert Nay and Scott Griffin for 1st place in Maglev
John Baadsgaard and Jon Smith for 3rd place in Boomilever
John Baadsgaard for 3rd place in Geologic Mapping

Story by Kyle Miller.