MMHS Drivers Ed

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Wed, 09/23/2020 - 09:51

Drivers Ed is a class that students at MMHS are required to take if they want their drivers license. Students who take Drivers Ed are required to take a class where they take notes on driving, watch videos and do worksheets. Students learn about defensive driving, drowsy driving, impaired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving and seatbelts. They also have an intersection assignment and a maintenance assignment. Students also have time on the driving range with instructors to practice driving. 

COVID-19 has affected Drivers Ed in a few ways. When asked, Mr Hyer said, “It limited the face to face interactions that students and teachers get to have with each other. Students have missed out on discussions, explanations, and question/answer opportunities by taking the online Drivers Ed course.” Students that take Drivers Ed in person have to get their temperature checked at the beginning of range driving. They are also required to wear masks while driving and taking the class. 

We interviewed some students who are taking the Drivers Ed class to figure out how much students enjoyed the class. When asked how much they like it, and most of them said it was a super fun class. One student said that they really liked taking a class that would help them for their entire lives. They all also really like feeling independent. 

Mr. Hyer also said that he really enjoys teaching Drivers Ed to students. He teaches this class to help students learn how to be safe while driving. We asked him what his favorite part about teaching was and he said, “The excitement on students faces when they pass the test.”

Story and photos by Brooklyn Martin, Andelin Barlow, and Keslee Van Orman.