Maple Mountain Tennis 2020 Seniors

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 07:36

This year the 2020 Maple Mountain tennis team is home to 9 seniors, one of the biggest groups the school has seen in several years. On Thursday, September 17, 2020 the team held a home match against Park city. During this match the seniors experienced their last region match and senior night. Each girl was recognized with her parents and presented with a bouquet of flowers, as well as a necklace. The night was filled with bittersweet tears, laughs, hugs, and victories. Alexis Call said that, “ [she is going to miss] actually playing the sport and working for it.”

Surrounded by their families, the Maple Mountain seniors fought, whether it ended in a loss or win. Each senior felt their team’s support and their passion as they played on home court for the last time. The girls on the team have a special bond and they all rally around each other. Rebbeca Whyte said, “I have made some of my best friends on this team, and it has been so fun to hang out with them everyday after school.” Alexis Call also said, “The people are what make the experience.” Ellie McMurdie stated that, “[the girls] always make me feel really welcome.”

As the girls reflected on their past years of playing tennis, many of them said that being a part of the team has given them a place to feel at home and get rid of any sort of bad feeling they had throughout the day. Alexis Call remarked that, “Tennis isn’t just a place, it’s a people.” The girls have been able to bond throughout the long tournaments, hot practices, and rough competition by the ways they support each other. Whether it be a little cheer when they arrive on the court, or a high five no matter if they win or lose, the girls are always there to make sure everyone knows how well they played. Seniors Ellie McMurdie and Jessica Haderlie even mentioned that they would come to every single match next season, just to see their close knit team one more time.

Though the season is over, the seniors on the MMHS Girls Tennis team are grateful for each and every experience that they have had, and the relationships that have formed from their many years playing on the courts. These girls will be able to reminisce on their tennis career for the rest of their lives.

Story by Ellie McMurdie & Jessica Haderlie. Photos by Tyler Lewis and Jeff Porcaro.