Julia Hart- Sophomore Visual Artist Award

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Wed, 12/18/2019 - 15:05
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We want to give a shout out to sophomore artist, Julia Hart, for her artwork, a 9"x 12" pencil drawing referencing a 1905 photographic portrait by Edward Curtis of the Sioux Lakota warrior 'Chief Three Horses.' This drawing was the only artwork chosen to represent all of the students in Nebo district this year and was accepted to the Utah State Senate Visual Arts competition, which is a serious award!

Jules wrote of her drawing: "Curtis wanted to show the world what was happening to the Native Americans as their culture slowly faded away. He wanted to help preserve their nation. I think it's important that Curtis used a medium that would reach out to all people while opening their eyes to what was happening. He wanted to encourage others to preserve this amazing culture. Without all of the cultures of the world that are and have been, Utah wouldn't be the same. That's why I wanted to do this picture because just like pencils are fundamental to drawing, the Native Americans were the foundation of Utah and our country." Congratulate Jules when you see her!
Story by Jethro Gillespie. Artwork by Julia Hart.