Janna Allred has a Flourishing Baking Reputation

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Found at Herald Extra.

At age 17, Jannelyse Allred, of Mapleton, has a thriving business. She bakes eight varieties of bread for the Mapleton Farmers Market and has done so for a couple years. She has a food handler’s permit as well as a cottage kitchen permit.

Three years ago Janna packed 40 loaves of bread in her vehicle to bring to the Saturday market — she sold out by 10 a.m. 

Baking is not new to Janna. She remembers standing on a kitchen stool at age 4 or 5 to help her mother roll out whole wheat dough on the cutting board. Then in 4th grade, Janna made up a jelly roll recipe for her elementary school’s Invention Day. “We have family dinners every Sunday, so cooking and baking is part of our family culture,” she said. One of Janna’s best Christmas presents was a Bosch mixer from her mother.

This Maple Mountain High School senior is at least a fourth generation baker. “My grandma was always in the kitchen and taught my mom (Lynnae Allred),” said Janna. The high schooler makes gargantuan cinnamon rolls and charges $1 for them. “It’s from my great-grandma’s recipe,” she added. Janna knew her great-grandmother until age 8 when Ruth Tanner, of Springville, passed away. But Grandma Tanner’s cinnamon rolls live on.

Besides cinnamon rolls, Janna creates — for farmers markets — coconut banana bread with lime glaze, whole wheat cranberry date bread, butterflake crescent dinner rolls, onion dill herb bread, honey whole wheat bread and pumpkin chocolate chip bread.

Janna’s reputation precedes her. People call her to order rolls for a daughter’s wedding reception or bread for neighborhood Christmas gifts and even brownie mixes for company gift baskets. Standing orders have surfaced now and then as well. 

One woman ordered Lemon Rosemary Mozzarella Artisan Bread from the young entrepreneur who found the recipe on a food blog. “The next time she saw me, she said she would pay me to bring some to her every weekend,” Janna said. “As a 14-year-old, I was surprised and excited. First, because she enjoyed something of my creation so much, and second, because of the potential of selling and making money at my age.”

Entrepreneurship has been the name of the game around the Allred home. Her parents and siblings have started successful businesses, so Janna has listened to the talk around her home. For the teen, it was exciting for her to begin something of her own and equally thrilling to create an enjoyed product.

Janna said friends, neighbors and church members have been “incredibly generous and supportive throughout this whole project. They go out of their way to come and buy something from me and are so friendly.”

All her bread creations are personal favorites, but Janna loves her mother’s recipe for butterflake rolls. The family uses the honey whole wheat bread for sandwiches. “We never buy store-bought bread,” she said. Her onion dill herb bread makes a tasty tomato sandwich. Janna might add mayonnaise and cheese to it, but tomatoes and the bread are what make it. When any of her four siblings are home they gobble up her sweet breads: lemon zucchini, apple praline and more.

Two friends can’t get enough of her bakery items. “For our birthdays, that’s what we want, her breads,” said Katie Gomez, 17, also a Maple Mountain High School senior. “When we go to her house — food is always involved! The only real restaurant in Mapleton is Janna’s Bakery.”

Seventeen-year-old Beau Brady feels the same way — his favorite is her lemon zucchini bread. “It’s the only zucchini bread I’ll ever eat.” His dad has a standing order of three loaves of different varieties of bread a week. “Her whole wheat bread — it makes me cry a bit every time I take a bite,” said Beau. “She’s amazing — how she’s done it all by herself.”

As a member of the high school club, Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Janna wrote a business plan for a bakery. She competed in region, state and won Gold at nationals in Washington D.C. Three other Maple Mountain High School students won gold at nationals as well in other categories. Janna called her imaginary bakery “Fleur La Farine.”

That doesn’t mean she will go commercial with her bakery, but “it will definitely be something I continue to enjoy as a hobby in the future baking for family, friends, gifts.”

She has an interest in human and child development; after high school her future plans include college and an LDS mission.

Source: Herald Extra (http://bit.ly/1KTYyZD)