FCCLA takes Anaheim

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Ms. Davies and I wanted to share the great news about 8 of our amazing students that competed at FCCLA Nationals in Anaheim!

We’ve competed among the best of the nation, took 2 behind the scenes tours of Disneyland through their culinary arts and costuming programs, attended awesome workshops and sessions, and had our fair share of Disneyland magic in our downtime! Oh, and we experienced an earthquake (didn’t think that would happen! Luckily it was small!).

These students have worked their guts out and dedicated so much time and effort to their projects since January. This week they’ve seen their work come full circle. It’s so rewarding. 

At nationals, in most events students aren’t ranked into places- so Gold is the best they can do- and we’re bringing home 7 of them! 

Chapter in Review Display: 

     Brynn Kilpatrick- Gold

     Mary Kilpatrick- Gold

     Erika Webster- Gold

Chapter Service Project Display:

     Sophia Hirst- Gold

     Isabel Hirst- Gold

     Ashlyn Paulson- Gold

Fashion Construction:

     Kristi Mendenhall- Silver & won a sewing machine!!!

Hospitality & Tourism:

     Alicia Zaremba- Gold

We are so proud of these kids!! They’ve grown and accomplished so much through the year! If you see them- congratulate them!

Story by Jessica Knotts.