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Haunting, unnerving, unsettling, all words that can describe the radio play which was performed by MMHS students. Since it was Halloween weekend when the play was performed, Halloween was at the center of it, relying on one of the strongest Halloween characters: Dracula. Played by Rhett Tolman, Dracula spread fear into the audience as he and the cast told the story of Dracula. With a manic excitement in their eyes, the cast unsettled the audience through their terrifying tale.

For one of the first times ever at MMHS, the fall play was a radio play as opposed to a play or musical. There were no set changes and there was no soundtrack. All there was to enjoy was cast members reading into a microphone. And man, did they pull it off. Faces alight with energy, their entire bodies moving to take on the roles of their characters. While sight wasn’t strictly necessary, watching the performance brought many benefits. The scottish accent became more real with facial expressions. The manic character became so much more believable with his bodily contortions. They truly brought the play to life despite doing nothing more than reading into a microphone.

Some of the most fascinating parts of the radio show were the sound effects which were performed on stage. Off to the left side of the stage were three students who created all the sound effects. From simple things as closing doors to startling things, like breaking glass, the sound effect crew made magic happen. The effects fit so perfectly with the rest of the show that they could’ve been pre recorded.

The fall play was something very unique. Nothing like it has ever been shown at MMHS and probably won’t be for a very long time. The teachers and students truly pulled off something spectacular. While you contemplate the unnerving feelings you felt while watching the show, make plans to come back in February to see the school’s musical Anastasia, which is destined to be at the same fantastic caliber. Well done Eagles!

By Carter Baldwin