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Aimee Wright is a senior at MMHS working an internship with the W2 Design Group. She plans to attend Snow or Dixie College after high school to pursue her interests in design.

While she helps copy receipts, organize fabrics, analyze plans, and give ideas for paint colors and fabric designs, she is learning many facets about the design industry.

 Wright is a part of many interesting experiences at W2 Design Group; such as, going to a client’s home and looking at designs and sharing ideas. Wright says that this internship has helped her realize many future career goals.

Working with this group has also taught her a lot about customer service.  Wright gives her insight on being a potential interior designer.

She states, “I’ve always loved taking many elements and putting them together to make a masterpiece!”

“I like it, but I found something I like more--human relations,” says Wright.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Work-based Learning Coordinator, Maple Mountain High, (801) 794-6740, or robyn [dot] dunn [at] nebo [dot] edu.

By: Evan Huffman, MMHS Newspaper Staff