December Students of the Month

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Tue, 01/06/2015 - 14:59

Sophomore Sarah Foutz sees herself in five years in college studying for a career. Her hobbies are playing the piano, singing, and reading. Her favorite subject in school is anything music related. Currently, she’s in choir and taking a music theory class.

If Sarah could meet anyone in history, she would like to talk to her grandparents and ask them about their lives.

Sophomore Bridger Clayson’s favorite quote is, “I used to think that worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it’s not… the worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone.” –Robin Williams. He likes this quote because it teaches him to be with the right people that make him happy. In five years, Bridger sees himself either serving on an LDS mission or home from the mission getting a scholarship in college.

Bridger’s hobbies are football, basketball, and hanging out with friends. His favorite subject in school is accounting because Mr. Spainhower is awesome, and Bridger wants to be an accountant.

Junior Paige Crane’s favorite quote is, “Whatever you decide to do in life, make sure it makes you happy.” She likes it because it’s enforcing the idea of having a positive attitude, doing what you love, and loving your life. In five years, Paige sees herself graduated from college, and then hopefully getting married and starting a family.

Paige’s hobbies include driving her car, reading good books, dancing, singing, traveling, stargazing, eating, and watching movies. One of her favorite subjects in school is architecture because she loves home improvement and wants to be an interior designer or architect. She also loves foods because she likes learning about it, and how it’s a hands-on class.

What makes Paige different is that she tries to see things form a different perspective, and always considers both sides of every situation. She also loves quirky and unique things including astronomy, plants, anything retro or vintage. A funny thing that happened to Paige was when she was younger; she and her cousin practiced writing “h’s” on her grandparent’s closet in sharpie! They weren’t very happy about it at the time, but now they laugh about it.

If she could talk with anyone in history, Paige would love to talk with either Mother Teresa or Gandhi. She would ask mother Teresa about how she was so selfless and giving. She would ask Gandhi about how he stayed positive and peaceful.

Junior Hunter McKell’s favorite quote is, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.” –Jimmy Johnson. He likes that quote because the little things are what makes thing better. He said that’s “why my truck is shinier, why I work harder, why I runs farther, everything! It is all just giving that little extra.”

Hunter enjoys applied ballistics for long range shooting and how doing the math, science, and prep work to make a shot is very calming to him. He also enjoys riding his dirt bike. One thing that sets Hunter apart from others is his imagination is a preview of his life’s coming attractions. Like a movie trailer, it entices him to see his dreams through, and he thinks that he has accomplished so much more because of it.

Hunter would like to ask Isaac Newton about gravity. Because it is a relatively weak force, he would ask him what the strongest force is and how we may utilize it.

Senior Alexandra Holmes’ favorite quote is, “All your dreams can come, if you have the courage to pursue them.” –Walt Disney. She loves this quote because it encourages her to follow her dreams no matter how big they are. In five years, Alexandra sees herself as a returned missionary, graduated from the Disney college program intern, and working on her bachelors at USU. She really likes social studies and government class with Mr. Miner.

Alexandra enjoys making and editing slideshows on a computer, sewing, swimming, and spending time with her family. Something that sets her apart is that she is a triplet and has an identical twin sister.

Alexandra would want to have a conversation with Walt Disney. She would thank him for making a place where her family can go and have a great time together.

Senior McKay Hales’ favorite quote is, “You ain’t gonna learn no younger.” Growing up on a farm, his grandfather would tell McKay this when learning something new. McKay sees himself in five years as a married farmer going to school to become a software engineer. His hobbies include welding and ceramics.

One thing that sets McKay apart was when he was run over by a tractor. His favorite subject in school is math because the rules of math never change like they do in English.

If McKay could talk with anyone in history, he would talk with George Washington. He would ask him what it was like to be the first president.