ACT Phobia?

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Thu, 09/26/2013 - 14:56

Sweat flows down your forehead like a really bad sprinkler; you try to think but your brain is screaming louder than an overexcited Miley Cyrus fan. You just broke your third pencil frantically trying to bubble in those annoying circles. If you have felt some or all of these symptoms, then you have probably taken the ACT. 

Some students may fear the ACT, but some actually look forward to it. There are many ways to prepare for the ACT via websites, books, prep classes, and teachers. Most students strive to get a high score on the test and still others don’t care too much. Here at Maple Mountain we have brilliant students that have excelled at this test.  Some of the recent high scores are: 32 for Tanner Henry, 31 for Brayden Jackman, and 30 for Caden Mustoe and Robert McCown.

When studying for the test different people have different methods. Tanner Henry suggested that you “put your head in a microwave so the radiation mutates your neurons.” Even though that may have been helpful for him that won’t necessarily be helpful to others. Caden Mustoe offered some advice, “When you’re checking Facebook, just do the question of the day on the ACT website. You do it, and you’re done […] BAM, you’re that much smarter.” Time management is key to success on the test, so if you’re able to pace yourself throughout the test you’ll end up doing much better than if you rush through it. Brayden Jackman offered the following advice on keeping track of time: “On the reading section, know what you’re looking for. On the math, come back to the problems you don’t know. For science, don’t overthink it. Just read the graphs and don’t overthink it. Enjoy the reading; it’s fun.”

Even though the ACT is a really long test that colleges look at way more than they should; take the advice of these seniors, study hard and when your time comes to take this test… dominate.

Written by Anthony Carter and Natalia Frasche. Photo is by Anthony Carter.