Preps of the Week - Cheyenne Ortiz, Madi Goulding, Oaklee Tingey

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 01/31/2022 - 08:52
Cheyenne Ortiz
Madi Goulding
Oaklee Tingey

Madi Goulding, Cheyenne Ortiz, and Oaklee Tingey are preps of the week from the Drill Team.

Three members of the Maple Mountain High School Drill Team were chosen to audition for the 5A All-State Drill Team. Madi Goulding, daughter of Tara and Steven Goulding; Julia Dall, Cheyenne Ortiz, daughter of Ryan and Amy Ortiz; and Oaklee Tingey, daughter of RaShel Shepherd and Ty Tingey, represented Maple Mountain at the auditions held on Thursday, November 4. 

Madi is a junior and this is her first year as a member of the Ellevés Drill Team. She recently won 4 th runner up in the Miss Drill Utah solo competition. 

Cheyenne is a senior and three-year member of the Ellevés Drill Team. She was an Assistant Drill Mistress her junior year and is the President/Head Drill Mistress this year. Cheyenne was selected as a “Top Corp” finalist at Epic Dance/Drill Camp this past summer. 

Oaklee is a junior and this is her first year as a member of the Ellevés Drill Team. She is an Assistant Drill Mistress this year. Oaklee was also a “Top Corp” representative for Maple Mountain at Epic Dance/Drill Camp this past summer. 

The auditions were held at Hillcrest High School. Each 5A school sent three girls to represent their school at the auditions. There were 68 girls who auditioned. A cut was made after the girls showed their technique in an advanced across the floor combination in front of a panel of three judges who narrowed it down to 41 girls. All three Ellevés made the first cut. Those girls were taught an advanced stylized dance and then auditioned it for the judges, who decided which girls made the team. There were 22 girls who made the final cut. All three Ellevés made the final cut and were
named to the 5A All-State Team. 

The 5A All-State Team will be recognized at the State Drill Team Competition that will be held in February. Congratulations to these girls for their accomplishments!

Story by Molly Brenchley. Photos by Tyler Lewis.