Seniors Receive $852,970 in Scholarships and Awards

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Aubrynn Fawcett receives PTSA Master of the Wing 323.63 KB
Briana Ali Crook receives Mountain View Volunteer Auxiliary 416.54 KB
left to right--Lindsey McMurdie, Mark Tanner, and Amberly Asay receive Kiwanis Scholarship 312.87 KB
Brittany Redford receives Max and Sonoma Creer Business Scholarship 253.91 KB
Brennen Hyatt and Allison Dixon receive Booster Club Scholarships presented by Kristen Betts and Kelli Peay 339.95 KB
Joelle Keliiliki receives Horatio Alger Association Scholarship 273.3 KB
Emma Dallon receives Energy Solutions $2,000 scholarship 322.72 KB
Amberley Asay receives Advanced Family Eye Care Scholarship for $500 presented by David Jones 395.52 KB
Lindsey McMurdie (left) and Kelli Slade (right) receive $500 each for the Wayne Lundell Scholarship 275.84 KB
Gatlin Hurst (left) receives the Pacific Horizon $400 Scholarship presented by Steve Chyson 341.67 KB
Kaylee Cloward Receives the Sharon Sims $1000 Scholarship Award 202.14 KB
Amberly Asay Receives the Live with Elle $1000 Scholarship from the Nebo Foundation 193.38 KB
left to right Karen Frost, Lindsey McMurdie, Sara Bass, Amberly Asay 329.7 KB
Amberley Asay receives $750 Spanish Fork Running Scholarship presented by Lana Hiskey, Nebo Foundation.jpg 200.33 KB
Lindsey McMurdie receives the Wayne Lundell $500 Scholarship presented by Lana Hiskey of the Nebo Foundation 288.06 KB
Sara Bass receives $1,000 Rotary Club Scholarship 260.96 KB
UVU Gear Up to $20,000 Scholarship, presented by Danny Aldridge 321.51 KB
Amberly Asay and Spencer Brandley receive University of Utah Scholarships presented by Jay P. Molock 274.95 KB
U of U Scholarship Recipients 357 KB
left to right--Mark Larson, presenter, Jacob Embley, John Sommerfeldt, Deson Haynie, and Spencer Brandley receive BYU Scholarships 329.59 KB
left to right_Erika Hamilton, Heather Esplin receive UVU Presidential full-tuition scholarship_presented by Nali Nielsen 330.42 KB
Utah State Scholarship Winners 346.56 KB
left to right_CEU Presenter Terry Johnson, Brittany Redford, Breanna Norris, Abigail Lemmon, Ericka Hamilton, and Stuart Pendleton receive CEU scholarship 299.77 KB
William Kyle Hooper receives over $48,000 from Southern Virginia University 203.33 KB
Kellie Orton receives Dixie State College Tuition Scholarship 233.29 KB
Kelsie Hadlock receives Weber State University Scholarship 188.08 KB
SUU Scholarship Recipients 354.63 KB
Snow College Scholarship Recipients 383.76 KB
Foreign Exchange Students Receive Recognition Award 375.66 KB
2009-2010 Studentbody Officer Award of Recognition 369.41 KB
Chalese Andrew (left) and Kasidy Jackson (right) receive studentbody officer certificate of achievement 369.94 KB
Jacob Blaney receives studentbody officer certificate of achievement 244.11 KB
Wesli Peay receives Outstanding Sophomore Athlete of the Year Award 328.92 KB
Chalice Jones and Devin Barker receive outstanding athlete awards 286.05 KB
Jace Kelly receives Golden Eagle Wing Award 337.42 KB
left to right_Riley Flinders, Jessica Blackett, and Brennen Hyatt receive Senior Athlete of the Year Award 361.17 KB
Brennen Hyatt receives Golden Eagle Wing Award 207.4 KB
UHSAA Academic All State Awards.jpg 363.39 KB
Athletic Award of Excellence_left to right_Brennen Hyatt, Jessica Blackett, Kelsie Hadlock, and Chris Clark 391.33 KB
Brennen Hyatt receives Athletic Award of Excellence from Nebo School District_presented by Everett Kelepolo 354.73 KB
National Honor Society Award Recognition 341.45 KB
2009-2010 MMHS Sterling Scholars 304.02 KB
Presidential Outstanding Academic Excellence Award 312.11 KB
Academic Letters_left to right_Skyler Howell (Visual Arts), Taylor Call (Business), and Brittany Redford (Business) 371.46 KB
Academic Letters_Math 325.45 KB
Jacob Embley named Valedictorian and Deson Haynie named Salutatorian 314.54 KB

Student: Scholarship and/or Award: Jacob Embley (Valedictorian)
Deson Haynie (Salutatorian) 2010 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Aubrynn Kate Fawcett PTSA Master Of The Week, $500 Briana Ali Crook Mountain View Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary, $500 Amberly Asay, Lindsey McMurdie Spanish Fork Kiwanis Club, $1000each Brittany Redford Max and  Sonoma Creer Business Scholarship Allison Dixon and Brennen Hyatt Booster Club Scholarship Shannon Davies FCCLA Scholarship Joelle Keliiliki Horatio Alger Association, Utah Scholar Emma Dallon Energy Solutions $2,000 Amberly Asay Advanced Family Eye care Scholarship, $500 Lindsey McMurdie and Kelli Slade Wayne Lundell, $500 Gatlin Hurst Pacific Horizon Credit Union, $400 Kaylee Cloward Sharon Sims, $1000 Amberly Asay Live W/Elle, $1000 Amberly Asay, Sara Bass, and Lindsey McMurdie Spanish Fork Rotary, Spanish Fork/Salem Chamber of Commerce Amberly Asay Spanish Fork Running Scholarship, $750.00 Sara Bass Rotary, $1000 Saryha Anderson, Shayla Chappell, Josuah Hickey, Ashley Rosales, Kyle Hooper, Brent Strong UVU Gear Up, $20,000 Amberly Asay and Spencer Brandley University of Utah Marshall Levi, Zach Johnson, Shyrel Peterson, Taylor Call, Camille Swan, Amanda Larsen, Sara Bass, Abigail Lemmon, Julie Munson, Mckenzi Edwards, and William Shelton Utah Valley University Spencer Brandley, Deson Haynie, John Sommerfeldt, and Jacob Embley BYU Ericka Hamilton and Heather Esplin UVU Presidential, $4,172 (full tuition) Kyle Hooper Southern Virginia University , $48,000 Kellie Orton Dixie State College, Four Year Tuition Frederil Upmeier Zu Belzen (Germany), Komm Vayuchote(Thailand) , Jesper Jensen(Denmark), Manuela Santos(Brazil), Martin Totland (Norway), An Ho(Vietnam), R einaldo Cabrera-Barroso (Venezuela)       Foreign Exchange Students, Certificate Of Achievement John Sommerfeldt, Chantel Argyle, Cassie Tobler, Jace Kelly, Samantha Raleigh, Amberly Asay, Whiteney Shuman, Jacob Blaney, Zach Hixson, Ariana Lilly, Deson Haynie, Cameron Starr, Allison Dixon, Freddy Woods, Katherine Wilkins, Kasidy Jackson, Chalese Andrew, Roberta Graham, Kami Asay, Carly Bastian, and Breanna Bate Student Council Award of Achievement Chalese Andrew and Kasidy Jackson Student Body Officer Certificate of Achievement Jacob Blaney Student Body Officer Certificate of Achievement Wesli Peay Outstanding Sophomore Athlete of the Year Devin Barker (Sophomore) and
Chalice Jones (Junior) Outstanding Sophomore Athlete
Outstanding Junior Athlete Jace Kelly and Riley Flinders Student Athlete of the Year Jace Kelly and Brennen Hyatt Golden Eagle Wing Award Brennen Hyatt, Jessica Blackett, Kelsie Hadlock, and Chris Clark Athletic Award of Excellence Brennen Hyatt Athletic Award of Excellence Jessica Blackett, Trevor Swanson, Eric Beaudoin, Mckenzi Edwards, Katherine Hart, Dylan Lasson, Shryel Peterson, Megan Tietjen, Amberly Asay, Sara Bass, Kelsie Hadlock, Zachary Johnson, Whitney Moss, Dalton Loveless, Andrew Haun, Brandon Whitby, Michael Black, Kelli Slade, Kaley Carson, Duncan Graham, Tyson Griffin, Joshua Hickey, Joshua Nelson, Raquelle Petersen, and Krisandra Robinson Utah State University Scholarship Recipients Amberly Asay, Robin Ballard, Sara Bass, Eric Deudoin, Melanie Bendixsen, Michael Black, Jessica Blackett, Christian Brandley, Robert Brown, Taylor Call, Kyrie Carpenter, Christopher Clark, Brent Dearden , Riley Dinehart, McKenzi Edwards, Jacob Embley, Heather Esplin, Sam Golightly, Kelsie Hadlock, Ericka Hamilton, Katherine Hart, Andrew Haun, Natalie Hayes, Deson Haynie, Kyle Hooper, Zachary Johnson, Joelle Keliiliki, Amanda Larsen, Dylan Lasson, Abigail LeMmon, Aurora Lofgran, Lindsey McMurdie, Whitney Moss, Kellie Orton, Justin Paletta, Samuel Pedro, Shyrel Petersen, Raquelle Petersen, Benjamin Scott, John Sommerfeldt, Trevor Swanson, Megan Tietjen, Cassie Tobler, Bradley Wilson, Derek Winkel, Colton Wood Presidential Outstanding Academic Excellence Skyler Howell (Visual Arts), Taylor Nielsen (Business) Brittany Redford (Business)  Other Visual Arts Letter- Amanda Larsen, Kelli Slade, Sam Golightly, Natalie Hayes Academic Letters Hannah Savage, Abigail LeMmon, Dylan Kay Lasson, Jens Griffin, Jogn Sommerfeldt, Katherine hart, Deson Haynie, Eric Deaudoin, Amberly Asay, Melanie Bendixsen, Brynne Hansen, Kelsie Hadlock, McKenzi Edwards, Megan Tietjen, Kyle Nielsen, Robin Ballard, Halie Bingham, Luis Montero, Michael McQueen, Hayley Roney, Aubrynn Fawcett Academic Letter – Math Austin Bethers, Kaley Carson, Mckenzi Edwards, Ariana Lilly, Dayle Williams, Allison Dixon. Not Pictured- Aurora Lofgran Snow College Scholarship Recipients Amberly Asay, Cassie Tobler, Zac Hixson, Kelsie Hadlock, Sam Raleigh, Shyrel Peterson, Holden Adams, Duncan Graham, Jeffrey Perschon, Nick Levassenr, Brooke Bishop, Sara-Marie Bass, and Ericka Hamilton   Southern Utah University Scholarship Recipients Deson Haynie, Katherine Hart, Joelle Keliiliki, Lindsay McMurdie, Kyrie Carpenter, Holden Adams Amberly Asay, Sara Marie Bass, Eric Beaudoin, Melanie Bendixsen, Jessica Blackett, Chris Clark, Briana Crook, Brent Dearden, McKenzi Edwards, Jacob Embley, Heather Esplin, Aubrynn Fawcett, Michael Francis, Kelsie Hadlock, Amanda Larsen, Dylan Lasson, Abigail LemMon, Whitney Moss, Shyrel Petersen, Samantha Raleigh, Kristie Sleight, John Sommerfeldt, Trevor Swanson, and Cassie Tobler National Honor Society Award Recipients

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