A Bright Start to MMHS Baseball

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Mr. Gary Miner, MMHS teacher, not only teaches history and government but also coaches the first MMHS Baseball team. With ten years of coaching under his belt, Coach Miner knows what he’s doing. Taking a brand new group of boys and turning them into a team is no easy task, but Coach Miner has done a fantastic job this year as head coach.
  Gary Miner isn’t new to the game. He played baseball throughout high school and at BYU. He has come to love the interaction and competition. “I have always loved the game,” he says, “It is a sport that rewards the overall athlete, not just the big or tall guy.”
With a new field, new equipment, a new coach there’s bound to be problems to solve. Coach Miner doesn’t let these difficulties ruin the game though. “Starting a new program, no equipment, field, etc. has been tough. Worrying too much about things we can't control makes the process too frustrating,” he says. “Next year it will be nice to focus more on the coaching and playing and less on field issues.”

The first MMHS baseball season had been tough, but the team has managed to come away with some wins and good learning experience. The team practices everyday and often gives up Saturdays for extra practice. “With varsity, JV, and sophomore teams, we will play 60 games between mid March and mid May.  It is a very busy time,” Coach Miner says.  

Baseball season is always busy for the players and especially the coach. So with problems and a new team, how does Coach Gary Miner manage success?  By enjoying the game, he explains, “I really enjoy the process of teaching, learning, and playing the game. The most enjoyable thing about coaching is seeing progress being made, watching players see and feel the reality of doing hard things, and reaping the rewards of hard work.”  By the end of the first season, all this hard work will pay off for the first Maple Mountain baseball team.  
By Sarah Blancher, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe