Chelsea Tramell Interns at MMHS

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Chelsea Tramell is an intern for special needs at the Maple Mountain High School. “I’m interested in this line of work because I love special needs kids, I think they are so much fun and they are so full of life. The more I work with them the more I understand the way they feel. They are normal people like us, but they are so much cooler,”

Tramell commented on her work, “I have major projects that I am working on, a cookbook and a few reading activities. I also get to do what a peer tutor does which is work with kids and every Friday I go on field trips with the kids.”

Chelsea is interested in a career that deals with the special needs because, to her, it is something she is passionate about. She shared a story of when she was bowling with the special needs children and all the children were cheering for one another.

When we asked if this internship has been helpful to her at all she responded,” Yes it has helped me to understand these special children better. I look forward to doing this in the future if I decide to. I encourage other students at my school to do internships because they are very helpful.”
Marshall Levi, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe