Nursing Internship at Mountain View Hospital

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Brooke Hales, a senior at Maple Mountain High School, is currently interning as a nurse at Mountain View Hospital in Payson. She first became interested in this line of work because her mom is a nurse; however, she just also likes to help people, and nursing gives her the ability to do that. Brooke’s duties at the hospital are helping with whatever the nurses need to be done; this includes making baby hats, daddy c-section packs, ice packs, stocking clean linens, and I-V trays. 
  After working at Mountain View Hospital, Brooke says she’s just as interested in becoming a nurse, “Being a nurse you can do so many different types of work, it gives you so many options.” After high school Brooke is planning on attending Utah Valley University and hopes to become a nurse specializing in labor and delivery. 


By Kyrie Carpenter, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe