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In Miss Hasrell’s first grade class at East Meadows Elementary School, Megan Tietjen is obviously one of the tallest students in the room. As an intern, Tietjen learns how to teach first grade as an observer and helps out in whatever ways she can around the classroom.
  “I’ve always around teachers and I enjoy being around little kids,” Tietjen said. “Teaching is also something I enjoy doing. I think this is an enjoyable line of work that lets you accomplish a lot because you are constantly helping kids learn.”
  Tietjen spends two high school class periods at East Meadows Elementary school for her internship. Her desire to become a teacher and work with young children motivated her to choose education as her internship choice.
  “I think this has been beneficial because it has shown me another line of work that I really enjoy,” Tietjen said. “I would really recommend it.”
By Jessika Hilton, Golden Eagle Globe