A Job for the Future

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Krisan Robinson, a senior at MMHS, has been able to take part in an internship that involves one her hobbies, styling hair. Krisan has always been interested in a career in cosmetology. This semester she was able to try out this line of work.
  On any regular day at Renaissance Hair Academy, Krisan can be seen answering phones, scheduling appointments, and running the cash register as she learns more about what goes on at a cosmetology school. 
  Krisan plans to be a cosmetologist when she is older, but also plans to have a career in teaching, too. “I’m planning on going in the field of education,” she says, “After receiving my teaching certificate, I hope to go to cosmetology school. I am interested in both fields of work and plan on having a career in both.” Krisan has her recent future all planned out with the help of her internship. Krisan says that her internship has been beneficial. “It has given me the career experience before deciding what career path to choose.” Internships are a great way to plan for the future.  


By: Sarah Blancher, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe