Zach Hixson Crowned Mr. Maple Mountain

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/26/2010 - 10:44
Mr. Maple Mountain was no easy task for any of the contestants this year. All of the participants gave it their best efforts. The men competing for Mr. Maple Mountain included Zach Hixson, Zach Johnson, Michael Black, Patrick Cox, Nick Sales, Jace Kelly, John Sommerfeldt, Terence Wride, Matt Moon, and Martin Totland. They made the audience laugh throughout the entire night, including Zach Johnson and Michael Black reproducing a classic music video by OK GO. With each one giving it their all, it made it a very hard decision for the judges. After extra consideration, the judges had found their winners; 3rd place, Michael Black, 2nd place, Zach Johnson, and the first ever Mr. Maple Mountain is Zach Hixson. Zach Hixson blew away the judges with his fantastic guitar playing, singing, and his great interview. We would like to thank all the contestants for participating and making this a fun week.
By Jordan Osborne and Jacob Henry, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe