MMHS Gender Wars Assembly

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/12/2010 - 15:55

Maple Mountain student body divided their unity temporarily today, as the question of which gender was better had to be resolved. Throughout the assembly, boys and girls competed in different activities to prove themselves. After some intense competition (and possibly some bribery), the girls were able to seize a narrow victory.

To start things off, the two groups performed dance numbers. Both sides did very well, but girls managed to impress the judges slightly more. Immediately after the dance off, an “ice melting contest,” --the rules to which weren’t very clear—was decisively won quickly by the girls. Following this display of pure manly strength was the eating contest, in which contestants had to swallow a sardine-cracker-cheese-shake before the other person. The girls won, but fortunately, nobody threw up their delicious beverage.
  The three rounds Tug-Of-War immediately followed, which spurred some of the biggest controversies of the competition. The boys needed a win soon to keep up their morale; they obtained it by dominating the tug-of-war contest. In the end, the girls took home the historic first trophy of Maple Mountain Gender Wars.

Photos by Marissa Clegg, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe

By: Jacob Henry and Jordan Osborne, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe