Brigette Smith Crowned MMHS Sweetheart 2010

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 02/15/2010 - 19:45

Maple Mountain High held their first annual FFA Sweethearts Week culminating with an assembly on Friday, February 12, and a dance on February 13 in which Bridgett Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Smith, was crowned 2010 Sweetheart with 1st attendant Jessika Hilton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steven Hilton, and 2nd attendant Katelyn Jacobson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stan Jacobson. Besides this event being part of a school-wide celebration of Valentine’s Day, electing a FFA Sweetheart became part of many FFA programs in the 1970s. Currently, few FFA Chapters actually elect “FFA Sweethearts,” but the Maple Mountain FFA Chapter decided to implement this tradition. Thirteen girls contended for the title of Sweetheart. Contestants competed in many fun activities including lamb catching, pie eating, interviewing, cake decorating, and an evening pageant. The week ended with a fabulous dance with many students attending and enjoying the evening. The girls that competed represented the clubs they are involved in at MMHS. Contestants were Heather Esplin, Ashley Phelps, Merika Olsen, Brigette Smith, Briana Cook, Jessika Hilton, Asia Bringhurst, Justine Davis, Kellie Orton, Jerika Baum, Shannon Davies, and Katelyn Jacobson.

Winners in the lamb catching contest were 1st place Ashley Phelps, 2nd Merika Olsen, 3rd Heather Esplin.

Winners in the pie eating contest were 1st Brigette Smith, 2nd Kellie Orton, tying for 3rd Heather Esplin and Katelyn Jacobson. These girls love chocolate pudding!

Winning the interview contest was 1st Briana Crook, 2nd Katelyn Jacobson, and 3rd Jessika Hilton. Our evening pageant was won by 1st Brigette Smith, 2nd Kellie Orton, and 3rd Ashley Phelps.

On Friday, February 12, following an exciting relay race involving roping and hay hauling of the contestants against the some of the faculty and staff of MMHS, cakes that were baked and decorated by the contestants were auctioned off to the audience. Thanks to Ty Tingey who shared his time and talent to this good cause. We auctioned 13 cakes raising about $700 to be donated to the American Red Cross for the Haiti Relief Effort. We appreciate all those who purchased these delicious cakes; they were worth the money! A big thank you to our supporters and sponsors--Mapleton Floral and MAD Screen Printing

by Monica Giffing, FFA Advisor