MMHS’ First Spirit Bowl

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 01/22/2010 - 13:16
The very first MMHS Spirit Bowl was a hit when MMHS students came together Friday to compete in games for the Golden trophy. Five events made up the competition, each event with students from each game that volunteered to play.   The Spirit Bowl stated off with a class cheer off. Seniors, even with the smallest class, yelled their loudest while juniors and sophomore responded with spirited cheers of their own. Following the cheer off, a rowdy game of musical chairs started. With about twenty students running to a row of chairs at the same time, it was a miracle no one was hurt. Seniors took the victory for the first game.   Next, a harness pull between classes started. Will Shelton represented the seniors during this game, while David Bates (sophomore) and Hudson Sheranian (junior) worked hard for their classes.  David Bates won the round proving that even the youngest class can dominate in this competition.   A relay race was next, full of costumes, blindfolds, peanut butter and toilet paper. Each class performed their best for each relay, but this race ended up belonging to the sophomores. The juniors won their first and only competition: a sock pull-off. Each class proceeded to pull the socks off of the other class’s participant’s feet.   The final game would decide if the juniors or seniors would catch up to the sophomores score. Each class had to roll a marble down a pipe that each participant held and walk to the other end of the gym at the same time. Seniors won by a land side by taking their time. Slow and steady does win the race.   By the end of the MMHS Spirit Bowl, sophomores and seniors were tied with two games each. But the seniors came out of the game with the golden trophy because of a T-shirt contest. The seniors class had more people wearing their class t-shirt than the other grades, breaking the tie. All in all, the Spirit Bowl was a great and exciting start to another new tradition at MMHS.
By: Sarah Blancher, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe