MMHS Announces 2009-2010 Sterling Scholars

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 12:52
Eleven Maple Mountain High students have been named Sterling Scholars for 2009-2010. The students chosen will now go on to the state competition in February. The categories and the students chosen are:
  Speech and Drama: Cassie Tobler, daughter of Gregg and Sharon Tobler. Cassie says, “I love acting because it allows me to put myself in somebody else’s shoes.” Her advice to students who wish to pursue drama is, “It’s a lot of fun; it’s something you have to work very hard at, but it’s worth the reward.” Cassie plans to pursue an opera musical theatre major at either Brigham Young University or Southern Utah University.
  Mathematics: Jacob Embley, son of Steve and Heidi Embley. Jacob enjoys math, he states, “I like solving complex problems using logic and intuitive thinking.” His advice to math students is, “Make sure you know the basics before you move on to something more complex.” Jacob also expresses that he loves math because he can apply the principles to solve real life problems.
  Visual Arts: Amanda Larsen, daughter of Edward and Marian Larsen. When asked why she enjoys art she replied, “I like being able to create whatever I want without breaking any rules.” Amanda says, “Anyone can do it, you just need to be a little creative.” Amanda would like to pursue an art major at Brigham Young University.
  Music: Katherine Hart, daughter of Gus and Cynthia Hart. When asked what she likes about music, Katherine said, “Music is beautiful, fulfilling, and it makes me happy!”   She advises students to practice a lot and enjoy music even though it’s a lot of work.   Katherine plans on majoring in piano performance at Brigham Young University.
  Social Sciences: John Sommerfeldt, son of Scott and Lisa Sommerfeldt. John enjoys social sciences; he enjoys learning “about the way things work, how they worked in the past, and how to apply them to our own lives.”   John recommends that students read a lot of books and study more than you’re told. John would like to broaden his understanding of politics and the way history and government go hand in hand.
  Family and Consumer Science: Whitney Moss, daughter of Ryan and Vickie Moss. Whitney loves to cook and sew.  Her advice to students who are interested in this field is, “Try it out and see if you like it!” Her future goals are to have a family and be able to provide for them.
  Dance: Chantel Argyle, daughter of Clint and Sherry Argyle. When asked what she liked about her area, Chantel said, “Oh dance, dance, dance! I love being able to express myself.” Her advice to future dancers is, “Don’t give up, work hard, that’s the key!”
  Trade & Technical Education: Andrew Haun, son of Preston and Tammy Haun. What Andrew enjoys about the trades is, “I like doing everything hands on.  It gives me experience that will be really helpful in college and in the future.” Andrew’s advice is, “Take advantage of the opportunities for leadership that come up. Volunteer for positions you feel comfortable with.” Andrew would like to continue learning as much as he can about photography and video broadcasting. 
  Business and Marketing: Amberley Asay, daughter of Dwayne and Suzanne Asay. Amberley enjoys learning about business because it better prepares students for college and the real world.   She says, “In business you get to work with many different people and you learn what people like. It’s a people oriented subject.   Her advice to business students is to figure out what areas they like the best and then pursue them.   Amberley would like to pursue a career in public relations; hopefully, at Brigham Young University.
  English: Dylan Lasson, daughter of Steven and Debbie Hymas. Dylan love English and says, “I’ve always like it since elementary school, I especially loved reading.” Dylan also encourages student to “Read! The more books you read the better.   Also, get used to taking practice essays.” 
  Science: Deson Haynie, son of Derek and Allyson Haynie. Deson says about Science, “It explains how our world works.” Deson’s advice to Science students is, “You better like Math!” Deson’s future goals are to pursue a career in alternate energy.
  Way to go all Sterling Scholars! Congratulations on your great achievements, and good luck at the State Competition.