MMHS students visit Washington D.C.

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The MMHS trip to Washington D.C was a trip to remember. Thirty-eight of our students attended this eventful trip that started December 1 and returned to Utah on December 6. Spencer Rose, Hayley Roney, and Brianna Cook of our very own MMHS had the honor to present a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in which the changing of the guard happens every hour.

The group attended many locations such as Gettysburg, the Holocaust Museum, Library of  Congress, and the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. Mr. Ashton, Vice-Principal stated, “Gettysburg is sacred and just being there, where it all started, is just the best feeling. Ford’s Theatre it is so amazing. You can see the original seat in which Abraham Lincoln was shot. You can also see Booth’s spur marks on the wood in the box where he tried to escape; the spur marks are still untouched and engraved into the wood. It makes you think twice about History and learning about our nations past.” Ashton also stated, “I can’t tell you the “one thing” that students learned the most; but, I can tell you that every student did learn something. All of the students learned different things that affected them in their own way!”

One of the locations that was memorable to many students was the Holocaust Museum. When you arrive at the museum, you are given a card that has a person’s name on it and information about their life story, occupation, and childhood. Mr. Ashton’s person was Gerd Jacob Zwienick (Wiener).   As one walks through the museum and experiences the exhibits that reflect the history of the Holocaust, many students and adults pondered the seriousness of World War II.

By Dallan Brindley & Nick Taylor, MMHS Golden Globe