Miner Digs Up Golden Eagles

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Maple Mountain High isn’t the only thing in its first year. Counseling intern, Mrs. Rachelle Miner, is excited to be a first year counselor. A graduate of Springville High, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science from Utah Valley University, then continued to achieve her Master’s in Psychology. When not counseling students, Mrs. Miner spends time with her husband, Mike, and her seven children (four girls and three boys). In addition to family, she enjoys reading, tennis, traveling, and spending time on the golf course. When asked what her most unique job was, she simply replied, “Branding cattle was the most bizarre job I have ever had.” Mrs. Miner chose counseling as a career due to her love of children, her desire to be helpful, and her need to contribute to society. She is happy and excited to be a Golden Eagle and encourages students to be positive. When asked to give a quote, her only reply was, “I am not married to Gary Miner.” We are lucky to have a dedicated counselor such as Mrs. Miner, welcome!
By Cameron Spilker and Keaton Atkinson, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe