Joy Greets Maple Mountain

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When interviewing Joy Maughan, Maple Mountain’s front office secretary, it was hard to get a full comment in without being interrupted with a matter of school business. When you call the school, you will most likely be greeted by Joy. Married for 30 years, Joy has five children, four of who are married and one currently attending college. Mrs. Maughan enjoys the thrill of four wheeling and wave running. Each year she travels to the coast to enjoy the beach; vacationing with her family is definitely what she loves to do, outside of school of course. She attended Brigham Young University where she met her husband and worked as a secretary in the College of Education. When posed the question of how she liked her job at the new high school she pleasantly replied, “I love it, it’s the best!” From college secretary to high school front office secretary, it would be fair to say that Mrs. Joy Maughan is a first class addition to the staff of Maple Mountain High. Welcome to a new year Mrs. Maughan!
By Terence Wride and Nick Taylor, MMHS Student Writers