Bond, She’s the Bomb

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Amy Bond is one of our fabulous counselors here at Maple Mountain High school. She is married and has two children who she loves very much. Mrs. Bond has been a counselor for a total of fourteen years and has lived in Mapleton her entire life. She graduated from Springville High School and went on to Utah Valley University and Utah State University. At UVU she was point guard on the basketball team and shortstop on the softball team. Wow! In college she admired her counselors which inspired her to pursue a career in counseling. Mrs. Bond also likes playing tennis and happens to be the girl’s tennis coach at Springville High School. Besides playing tennis in her spare time she enjoys reading. One of her favorite books is “A Girl Named Zippy.” She loves the outdoors and enjoys fishing and gardening. Her most bizarre occupation was installing shelves for American Greeting Cards. She constructed the shelves that the cards are displayed on. Amy Bond loves children and education. Mrs. Bond is friendly and would like students to see their counselor anytime. In the humble words of Amy Bond, “Dream Big.” Amy, welcome to Maple Mountain High!
By: Cameron Spilker and Keaton Atkinson, MMHS Student Writers