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Having taught for 14 years, Mr. Tom Porter was ready for his next task--teaching at the new Maple Mountain High School. Needless to say, Mr. Porter is no newbie to teaching. He has taught at Springville Junior High and Spanish Fork High. Tom has taught a wide variety of subjects including science, ESL, Spanish, and English. Last year, before coming to Maple Mountain, Mr. Porter taught several Spanish classes at Spanish Fork High. Mr. Porter is married and has six children, ages 2 – 16. If he isn’t teaching, or preparing, he enjoys spending free time gardening and playing sports. When completing his education, he attended East Valley High School in Washington and graduated college from BYU. He claims the most unusual job he ever had was working at a skating rink; he still finds it hard to picture himself working there. After teaching many people during his LDS mission in Venezuela, Mr. Porter decided that he wanted to become a teacher. The primary reason he steered towards a teaching career is his positive ability to interact with and help people. Mr. Porter’s favorite emotion about Maple Mountain High School is the atmosphere; he states, “The feeling of a fresh start.” When asked how he prepared for this unique experience of teaching at a new school, he said that he stuck to the same method he used to prepare for previous years, “Study over where you want to take the students, and then find the materials that will take them there,” says Porter. Welcome Mr. Porter, we are lucky to have a dedicated Spanish teacher!
By: Jacob Henry, MMHS Staff Writer