Experienced Principal Opens New High School

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Opening up a new school takes hard work and dedication; but Maple Mountains High’s Principal, John Penrod, is up to the task. Mr. Penrod spent most of his career teaching elementary, kindergarten through sixth grade. After a while, he was assigned to become an administrator of a junior high. When he isn’t teaching, Mr. Penrod is hiking, fishing, or spending time with his five children and nine grandchildren. Teaching is not the only job Mr. Penrod has had. One of his first and most interesting jobs was collecting garbage in Provo. He admits to meeting some interesting people during this job, but Mr. Penrod longed to teach. “I Love the excitement you feel when you learn something new,” he says. Mr. Penrod’s vision for our new school is, “I see high academics and an outstanding fine arts department,” he says. He also invisions a school with teachers that really care about their students. “Every school I have been at I have found wonderful teachers and students,” he continues. Opening Maple Mountain High School sounds challenging, but Mr. Penrod expressed fun and exciting from the groundbreaking to hiring new teachers. The best part of this experience for Mr. Penrod was the first day of school when all the new students greeted the building. New traditions will be made this year. Mr. Penrod has one simple expectation for the school, “I want to be known as the friendly school,” he says. With Mr. Penrod at the helm, the year looks bright for Maple Mountain High.
By: Sarah Blancher & Marissa Clegg, MMHS Staff Writers