Season Looks Bright for Maple Mountain Cross Country

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/09/2009 - 15:36
Maple Mountain Cross Country attended its first ever meet on Tuesday, August 25, at Salem Hills High School, and stunned the region. Every region team which consists of Springville, Salem, and Spanish Fork High, Payson High, and Unita showed up to the pre-season meet. Maple Mountain placed a very close second for boys, just a few points behind rival Springville High. The girls dominated the competition and took first place, prevailing over all the other teams. Maple Mountain Boy’s team was lead by captains Holden Adams, Brent Strong, and Spencer Hansen. Spencer placed first by a long shot crushing all competition. Ashley Phelps, Kelsie Hadlock, and Hayley Knapp, captains of the girl’s team, lead the team to victory with Kelsie and Ashley leading the pack and were only beaten by one other runner. The season looks good for Maple Mountain even though it’s a new school. The Golden Eagles are well on their way to capture the region crown. Head coaches Darrell Wyatt with assistant coaches, Cannel Wyatt and Mel Barker, are setting a standard of greatness for students to follow.
by William Shelton, MMHS Staff Writer