Volleyball Season in Review

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This year the Maple Mountain Varsity Volleyball team had a phenomenal season filled with memorable wins and experiences. With a record of 16-7 the team finished third in Region and made it to the second round of state playoffs. We have interviewed a couple of seniors about their season and experiences. 

Alice Call, senior and captain, has been playing volleyball for 7 years. Over the years Alice had been an incredible leader. All of her teammates can attest to her unmatched enthusiasm for the game. When asked what she will miss most after she graduates, she replied, “Getting to wear a Maple Mountain jersey on my back every week and being able to be a part of a team, a family.” Furthermore, Alice said, “They’ve taught me about true friendship and what it means to be a real teammate. They’ve taught me that win or lose, you do it as a team. That’s why we were so close, because no matter what happened, we were there for each other.” It’s clear that the entire volleyball team is very close and they are truly a family. 

Fellow senior, Amiya Trenery has been an important asset to the team ever since she moved here last year. Amiya played opposite and outside hitter, and had an outstanding season with over 100 kills. She’s been playing volleyball since she was in 6th grade. When asked what her favorite memory was from the season, she replied, “When we travelled down for our tournament at Union High School. After the first night we all got ice cream and ended the next day with winning the whole tournament.” Like Alice, Amiya’s favorite thing about being on the team was the friendships that she made. “The girls that I play with on that court taught me so much. They’ve shown me how to be kind, determined, and hard working.” 

All in all the volleyball team strived to play their very best in every game they played. Whether it was a spike, a serve, or even a set, the girls worked together to achieve a unified presence on the court. Throughout the season they laughed together, cried together, and encouraged each other. It didn’t matter if they won or lost, the girls on the team were there for each other

By Naomi Memmott, Jessica Haderlie, and Rylee Salmon. Photos by Jeff Porcaro.