Tyler Clement interns at IO Stream Solutions

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Maple Mountain junior Tyler Clement is working an internship at IO Stream Solutions. IO Stream Solutions is a website development company in Provo. Tyler says that web designing is a fun and exciting field of work that comes easily to him.

“For the first couple of weeks I worked in marketing. This was fun because it was new and I hadn’t done it before. Now, I’m coding different websites, like Mod Bod and others,” said Tyler.

After a term of interning at IO Stream Solutions, he is very interested in working there permanently because he’s working with real world solutions. He also enjoys being able to joke around with his employers and play ping pong.

“It’s been so beneficial to me. I’ve learned more in a couple of weeks than I did all of last year. I would recommend an internship to anyone,” said Tyler.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Work-based Learning Coordinator, at Maple Mountain High at (801) 794-6740, or robyn [dot] dunn [at] nebo [dot] edu.

By Aimee Vargas, MMHS Staff Writer