Student Jobs

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The bell rings. Class is over for the day. Students start getting in their cars and driving home. Athletes and teachers are still at the school, but for the most part the school and its hallways are deserted. That makes you wonder: what are all the students doing? What do they do in their time that isn’t spent at school? One of the things that some students do is work. Cydnee Ollerton says her favorite thing about work was her coworkers, “The people at In-n-Out are great.”Many of the students at our school have after-school jobs for a variety of reasons, whether those be for money, skills and experience, do something with their spare time, or something else. 

Students at our school work at lots of different businesses, such as fast food restaurants, repair shops, retail stores, and many more. Sometimes they do it for money, sometimes for skills and experience and others maybe because their parents make them, or for other various reasons. Christian Frasche said, “The funniest thing that happened at (Jiffy Lube) was when an oil pump exploded and oil got everywhere.” They often work long hours, with little or no rest. We can all learn something from their hard work and diligence.They represent our school in positive light and can motivate us to work harder too

Among the many tasks students have to accomplish each and every day, work is one of the toughest. Although the variety in jobs and their level in intensity is different, students learn many skills. They help prepare us for our careers later on after graduation. They help us prepare for when we don’t have people watching us and guiding us. They teach us how to get things done and work hard.. But most importantly, they teach us to become more independent and how teamwork helps us succeed.

Story and photos by Max Lee.