Sorelle Voce wins "Command Performance Award" at BYU.

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 09:37

Last Friday, our Sorelle Voce performed at the BYU Women's Chorus Festival at BYU (Sorelle Voce is our auditioned, select women's ensemble.). There were 8 choirs involved in the festival. Our ladies were honored by the choral faculty of BYU and by the festival adjudicators as winners of the "Command Performance Award." Our ladies performed Schubert's "Psalm 23," a wordless, nonsense-syllable, Acappella piece entitled, "Voice Dance" and closed their set with a lush setting of the text from the Song of Solomon, "Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart."  

Sorelle Voce has been invited to be featured on the BYU Women's Chorus Concert on March 30th in the DeJong Concert Hall of the Harris Fine Arts Center. If you are interested in purchasing tickets to this concert, please contact Mr. Mendenhall.

Story by Cory Mendenhall.