Shakespeare Team Winners

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 10/13/2014 - 11:59
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The MMHS Shakespeare ensemble scene won first place in our division out of 20 schools at the Utah Shakespeare Festival competition this last weekend, which is one of the biggest divisions in the entire competition. Senior Derek Maxfield also won the Larry Lott acting award, which is the award given to the most outstanding actor in an ensemble scene. Some of these scenes have upwards of 50 students in them so this is a big honor, and it came with a $1000 scholarship! 

We also had students compete in individual events (short scenes and monologues), and we are so proud of their work, as well! Many received all 'Superior' ratings, which is the highest possible. We have such amazing students.  

Josh Jensen
Derek Maxfield
Zac Thorn
Emma Garlitz
Fatima Reedy
Katrina Cole
Veronica Tita
Hannah Ballard
Chloe Henry
Ondine Morgan
Makenzie Facer
Shay Swenson
Caitlyn Nixon
Cassie Smith

Story by Laura Taylor.