September Students of the Month

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Fri, 09/26/2014 - 15:25

Sophomore Kelsy Flander’s favorite quote is, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” –Albus Dumbledore.

This helps her remember that things could always be worse, and that there are positive things all around her. In five years, she hopes to be coming home from an L.D.S. mission and going into college.

Kelsy enjoys reading, writing, singing, playing the flute, and piano. Her favorite subject in school is Ancient Civilizations because she finds them interesting and compelling.

If Kelsy could meet anyone in history, she would like to talk with Rosa Parks and ask her what truly made her want to stand up for her rights.

Sophomore Jake Blonquist’s favorite quote is, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision.” – Helen Keller. This quote is a favorite because it tells him that the only thing worse than not having the potential, is having it and not applying it. He thinks that this is what causes failure and lack of reason to move on. In five years, Jake wants to be at BYU, preferably on a full ride scholarship.

Jake’s enjoys piano, choir, cross-country, triathlons and snowboarding. His favorite subject in school is math because once it clicks he finds it fun.

One funny experience for Jake was when he missed a kiss during rehearsal. He says, “Keep your eyes open until you make contact! But that wasn’t funny at the time. “ 

If he could meet anyone in history, Jake would meet Joseph Smith. Jake would ask him if he ever considered giving up by denying what he knew.

Junior Kathryn Gill’s favorite quote is, “The circumstances we ask God to change, are often the circumstances God is using to change us.” –Max Lucado. She likes this quote because when she is having a tough time, she thinks about this and tries to learn from the experience. In five years, Kathryn sees herself finishing college and beginning her career. Maybe she’ll be married and starting a family. She wants to live life to the fullest and enjoy whatever comes.

Kathryn loves to read. Her favorite author is Brandon Sanderson. She also likes to do crafts, sew, and play the piano and violin. Her favorite subject in school is anything that encourages creativity. She likes tech theater because they get to build the scenery and design the lights and sets for the plays. She likes orchestra because they get together and create amazing music.

Something interesting that Kathryn has done was when she was up on the auditorium’s catwalk and threw stuff off for “Annie Get Your Gun.” She also does a lot of the lighting for plays and assemblies. 

A funny experienced that happened to Kathryn was when she “was sitting on my couch by a tall lamp. I felt something fall into my hair; I ran my hand over my head to see if anything had. I didn’t feel anything. A minute or two later I felt something crawl down my neck. I brushed it off, but it was a BEETLE! A big one! I freaked out. After a minute I thought, ‘Why am I freaking out? It’s just a bug!’ After that I calmed down really quick.”

If she could talk with anyone in history, she would love to talk with Wilford Heath Hudson. He was one of the men at Sutter’s Mill that started the gold rush. 

Junior Benjamin Gleason’s favorite quote is, “When I do good I feel good. When I do bad I feel bad. That is my religion.” –Abraham Lincoln. He likes this quote because he thinks it is true. Benjamin’s favorite subject in school is choir because he feels he can express who he truly is. 

Benjamin’s hobbies include singing, acting, and playing piano. Something interesting about him is that he feels he always has a good attitude and is always happy.

Benjamin would like to meet William Shakespeare, and he would ask him where and how he got his ideas.

Senior Sydney Jensen’s favorite quote is, “Don’t let the best you have done be the best you can be in life.” In five years, Sydney wants to be half way through her masters degree in college, working in her career field, still able to continue my hobbies, and most of all, she wants to be happy.

Her favorite subject in school is psychology. She finds the mind so interesting, and she wants to go into the medical field for her profession. So she would love to combine her two passions.

Sydney’s hobbies are dance (drill team), reading, drawing, going camping, going to football games, soccer, softball, four-wheeling, cosmetology, hanging out with friends, movies, and photography. 

The funniest thing that ever happened to Sydney would be when the drill captain was on her back, and she stood up causing the captain to fall back off of her.  Everyone stopped talking and froze. The whole drill team said she almost killed the captain! 

Something that sets her apart is that she tries to be passionate in everything that she does. Sydney says that she is very driven and doesn’t give up on anything without a fight.

Sydney would want to have a conversation with Pocahontas and ask her about her life and all of her experiences.

Senior Matthew Searcy’s favorite quote is, “Never, Never, Never Give Up.” It is his favorite because it embodies all that he hopes to be able to obtain, which is a determination to do anything. Matthew sees himself in five years as a junior in college with a wife and studying something that he loves.

Matthew’s hobbies are hiking, playing piano, reading, rock climbing, and rappelling. Some things that set him apart is that he loves to jam out to music while reading and doing homework. His favorite subject is AP Physics because Mr. Miller’s lessons make his brain explode.

The funniest thing that happened to Matthew was when he was looking at a funny picture of his friend on a shelf, and as he was holding the shelf to look, he broke the shelf and the head off of an angel statue.

If Matthew could talk with anyone, he would talk with Brian Regan and ask him for a joke he’s never told anyone else.