Science Olympiad

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On Saturday our MMHS Science Olympiad team participated in the Davis  Regional Tournament.  This means 11 students voluntarily came to the school on a Saturday to take 3-4, 50 minute tests each.  This has been a hard year for Science Olympiad because we haven't been able to do any of the "fun" build events.  Congratulate these students when you see them!! We have 2 more virtual events including the State tournament on March 20th.

Chem Lab- 2nd Ammon Brown and Ryan Young
Circuit Lab- 1st- Ryan Young and Victoria  Parrotti
Codebusters- 2nd- Zach Brown, McKay Meeks, Brynley Baird
Disease Detectives 2nd Ammon Brown and Sydnee West
Forensics 1st- McKay Meeks, Zachary Brown
Geologic-mapping 3rd- Scott Packard, Tanner Woolf
Machines 3rd-  Ryan  Young, Zach Brown
Protein Modeling 3rd- Eli Dallon,  Tanner Meeks
Sounds of Music 2nd- Tanner Meeks, Victoria Parotti
Story by Lynette Ethridge. Photo by Aubrey Herrin.